Wild Raspberries, Andy Warhol and Suzie Frankfurt, England, 1997


Length: 31cm
Width: 21cm

In 1959 artist Andy Warhol collaborated with interior designer and socialite Suzie Frankfurt to produce a limited edition cookbook for New York's beau monde. They called it Wild Raspberries (Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries had just been released) and Warhol produced 19 colour illustrations to accompany their recipes. The camp, humorous and fanciful cookbook provides recipes for dishes including A&P Surprise, Gefilte of Fighting Fish, Seared Roebuck, Baked Hawaii and Roast Igyuana Andalusian among others - that were conceived by Frankfurt and hand-lettered, spelling mistakes and all, by Julia Warhola - Andy's mother. The cookbook made it into production in the 1990’s, releasing a limited run now hard to come by. This book is in excellent well cared for condition, with a few minor surface marks.

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