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Cuisenaire Rods, Georges Cuisenaire, Belgium, 1960


Length: 29.5cm
Width: 21cm
Height: 3cm

Originally manufactured in the 1950’s, Cuisenaire Rods as we know them today were developed by Georges Cuisenaire, a maths and music teacher at a primary school in Belgium. He wondered why children found music both interesting and easy to pick up, but mathematics to be both boring and difficult, and so created these colourful wooden blocks in order to teach children how to add, minus, multiply, divide, and so on. This set is from 1965 and is in lovely condition considering its age. It comes in the original black plastic box with contrasting debossed white lid. Stunningly, it also comes with all the original workbooks, beautifully designed in traditional 60’s style. Just one workbook has been filled in on the first page only, but this is in pencil and can be easily erased. The set itself is missing some smaller blocks (specifically 14 small wood, and one red), but this shouldn’t hinder the use of the product. Aimed at children aged 7 to 11.