Guzzini Egg Cup, Silvana Angeletti & Daniele Ruzza, Italy, 2004

Guzzini introduced Plexiglas to the domestic landscape in 1938, at a time when household objects were still strongly tied to the more traditional materials of wood, glass and iron. From here on, Guzzini were known for their innovative and pioneering plastic homeware pieces. Designed by Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza of Angeletti Ruzza Design, these space-age looking egg cups encase your hard boiled eggs in their own plastic bubble, to be eaten with its own miniature plastic spoon. Amazingly, each comes with the original packaging, including Guzzini branded plastic bag and cardboard box.  The condition is used, with plenty of surface scratches to be expected, particularly on the head of the spoon. The boxes are worn and are showing their age with ragged edges and some stains.

H: 8.5cm x W: 8.5cm x L: 8.5cm
£20 – Add to Bag [2 available]
Angeletti Ruzza Design Studio via Design Gallerist